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Home Knowledge & Case Why buy a good system?

Why buy a good system?

Why should I buy a constant outlet ORP water ionizer?

So how can one sort through all the information and determine which system is a good one? Our answer is that after using a unit for one year if it still produces a negative ORP charge range of about -350mv to -200mv then the unit is still performing as it should be. However, many water ionizers on the market will increase the negative charge of ORP after only a few months. Especially, in areas with hard water, the calcium will quickly build up around the electrodes. When that happens you will only be drinking alkaline water, not ionized water. The ionized water should have a negative charge between -350mv and -200mz. Then the ionized antioxidant in the form of hydroxyl ions (an oxygen molecule with an extra electron) donates its extra electrons to free radicals (an oxygen molecule that is missing one electron).

Our unit utilizes state of the art MICOM digital technology that offers complete versatility in preventing overheating, regulating precise and constant outlet ORP, self-cleaning and diagnostic mechanisms.

The unit is currently being manufactured in Taiwan and is one of the best selling Water Ionizers available in the country. Our factory has been awarded numerous quality certifications and our products have been patented around the world (U.S.A., Japan, Germany, Mainland China etc.). Furthermore all of our water ionizers are sold in Taiwan and throughout the orient, as they are extremely popular for their extremely high quality and affordability.