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About Yi Shan

Founded in 1987, Yi Shan is dedicated to one and only one mission - “To make water ionizers that produce functionally-valid water for health maintenance and restoration for all living beings”. We will never stop our quest to improve our technology, through established scientific and medical research, thus helping us to evolve, to reinvent and redefine, the efficiency and effectiveness of ionized water for all applications.
We have created and patented our ionization technology, from our very 1st generation “Cylindrical ionization chamber”, to our 2nd generation “Multiple electrodes ionization chamber” for expandable sizes and superior ionization effects. Then to our 3rd generation “Slim-fit cassette ionization chamber” which has, until now, the largest effective ionization surface area in the industry! All of the above forms of ionization chambers are still in-use today by water ionizer makers worldwide. But we realize that these ‘conventional’ membrane ionization technologies cannot prevent the eventual ‘calcification’ problems of the ‘membranes’ and the electrodes, which will lead to diminishing ionization effects, rendering the waters non-functional!
Then in 1993, our founder and award-winning inventor, Dr. Raymond Hsu, started to think ‘outside of the box’ and created the world’s only “Membrane-Less Round Disc” or “MLRD patented electrolysis technology”. Six years later, we have our unique 4th generation “MLRD ionization chamber”!
The MLRD technology not only eliminates ‘calcification’ problems in the ionization chamber, but its increased efficiency creates an abundant amount of the precious element hydrogen in the forms of hydrogen atoms (H) and even the rare ‘negative hydrogen ions’ (H-). These are the smallest and most powerful antioxidants in the universe and are in all living bodies. MLRD requires much less electrical power (and therefore helps to save our world), yet it produces superior, consistent quality waters unparalleled to all the ‘conventional’ membrane ionization technologies.
The birth of MLRD Technology takes us to a greater area of industrial applications, where it can produce a large volume of consistent quality HOCl (Hypochlorous Acid). HOCl is the most potent, harmless natural germicide, used extensively in most developed countries, including USA, the EU, Japan and Korea. It replaces poisonous chemicals used in plants, animal food production, hospitals, commercial buildings, swimming pools etc. With MLRD, we help to establish a poison-free environment for our future generations.
Among our many prized and patented inventions, we wish to highlight one that we are extremely proud of: “The pH and ORP constant output”. This invention allows all our clients to enjoy a consistent quality of ‘safe & optimal quality’ water, when our ionizers are connected to a local tap water source. Our clients, young and old, can freely drink and enjoy the good health provided by our advanced patented technologies. Using an easy to view LCD screen, simply press a button, then set the desired pH and ORP level and you are ready to go.
At Yi Shan, we pledge to strive for excellence, by continuing our research, and producing fully functional ionizers for all to trust and enjoy for their good health!
To all our earthly co-inhabitants, let us ‘live well and live long’ to enjoy what our beautiful mother earth has to offer!